If you have a respected lifestyle or travel brand, this is your invitation to take advantage of Travel & Living’s unique relationship with its audience of affluent consumers.

Travel Media Group’s extensive skills base has resulted in Travel & Living’s high production values and editorial integrity, clear relevance to its audience and a consequent high level of reader trust. (See “About Us”). This is a sound environment within which to properly project your values and products to the right consumers, including many who are identified as free spenders.

To ensure your message is respectfully presented in the market’s best environment, Travel & Living is printed on heavy matt paper stock of a quality seldom seen in Australia, appealing to its discerning audience in part through its virtual book quality. This is achieved using 300gsm cover and 115gsm text stock, demanding design and print standards, and quality photography displayed nowhere else in Australia. Contributors rate publication in Travel & Living as a measure of their professionalism, and these include international photographers who work with no other Australian publication, and the best local and overseas writers, many of whom have contributed to Travel & Living for several years.

Because of its high cost of production, Travel & Living avoids untargeted readers, with its prime audience of premium travellers selected on the basis of their identified purchasing preferences and past spend.

The Travel & Living audience is driven by travel, shopping, food, wine and spa experiences and our editorial direction is sharply focussed on these categories. It appeals to an informed reader with considerable travel experience so Travel & Living does not talk down to them by providing basic travel advice, focusing instead on tighter subjects such as regional and experiential travel, and quality lifestyle articles. (See “Current Issue”)

Your presence in Travel & Living identifies your product as credible and successful, and your advertising presence will be supported through online and email newsletter marketing to ensure a dynamic relationship with the reader which continues during the lifespan of each issue.

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